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Outside the Walls is a weekly radio show, dedicated to exploring the implications of the Catholic faith on daily life.

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Live Streaming

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4:00 PM (Eastern) • Saturdays
12:00 PM (Eastern) • Sundays

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KPIM 102.9 FM • Broken Arrow, OK
KIOP 94.9 FM • Tulsa, OK

10:00 AM (Central) • Saturdays
8:00 AM (Central) • Mondays


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KKNG 97.3 FM • OKC, OK
KOGD 107.1 FM • Shawnee, OK
KOEG 88.3 FM • Lawton, OK
KIOP 88.3 FM • Prague, OK
KIOP 105.7 FM • Bristow, OK
KMAC 90.3 FM • Antlers, OK
KPFS 100.7 FM • Elk City, OK

10:00 AM (Central) • Saturdays

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    A Belief Observed Aug 25, 2016 | 20:00 pm

    Shortly after my conversion, a social-media acquaintance of mine asked me to explain the Sacrament of Confession. I practically put together a syllabus for a semester-long lecture series. Tonight, As I stood in line for confession, I realized that I[…]



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